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Two Post Lift

Author: Date:4/12/2017 12:18:05 AM
 Above-ground car hoists lift can be separated into three basic configurations of two-post, four-post, and scissor lifts. Let’s start with the popular two post style car lift. This hoist lift places the car between two outside posts using arms that swing under the car after the vehicle is in position. This requires the operator to place the four arms under the car in the proper places. The most popular two-post hoist is the overhead style, using a beam that connects the two posts together at the top. The baseplate-style car lift places a panel on the floor between the posts. It is less convenient for using undercar accessories such as a trans jack or tall stand supports since the plate is often in the way. Baseplate two post car lifts are most often used with low ceilings because the overall height of the lift is shorter. There is normally a beam or connector between the posts that connects the lifting cable or chain across both uprights.

Within the two post car hoist is the variable of symmetrical or asymmetrical arms. The most popular version is the asymmetrical: The front arms are shorter than the rears. With the arms folded back, the operator drives the car between the posts, and because the front arms are shorter, only 30 to 40 percent of the vehicle is placed ahead of the posts. This allows more room to open the door to exit the vehicle. It also allows the uprights to be placed closer together for space considerations. Because symmetrical hoist front arms are longer, they require the vehicle to be centered between the uprights. This reduces the clearance for opening the vehicle door to exit, requiring the posts to be farther apart. 

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