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Mobile column car/bus/truck lift introduction and using scope

Author:martin chen Date:6/24/2019 3:12:50 AM

Mobile column lift introduction and using scope

Model QTJ20-4C mechanical type automobile lifter adopts motor driven mode and is operated under the electric control. When its operating, the star cycloid pin gear slows down and the lead supporting fork holds up the car wheels along with the up-and-down movement of bracket to elevate the automobile. The machine has rational design,novelty structure and big lifting capacity and it is also firm and endurable and flexible in motion and can be fit for wide range of car models. The maintenance is also convenient for it. Since it adopts traveling operation, it can be used both indoors and outdoors and is the ideal automobile lifting device for the automobile manufacturing, repair and maintenance to increase production efficiency, enhance guarantee repair quality and improve the working environment.

This machine is mainly used for the lifting of all classes of passenger car and freight car below 20 tons in automobile manufacture and automobile repair. It can lift the automobile to appropriate height for the easy access to the bottom of automobile, which substitutes the traditional trench operation mode.

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