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Introduction for the pit trench inground auto lift

Author:Martin Chen Date:7/5/2019 5:14:43 AM

  Introduction for the pit trench inground auto lift

the features:

QTJ20-4A type vehicle lift is according to the characteristics of the actual situation of the domestic auto repair industry, successfully developed after many improvements, the novel structure of the aircraft, mobile, flexible, easy to operate, is ideal mechanized trench lifting equipment of auto repair industry.

Model meaning:

QTJ 20 - 4 A
A.Improved serial
4.Represents 4 column
J.Said mechanical drive type
QJ.Said vehicle lift

the main technical parameters:
Lifting weight: 20t
Lift: 480mm
Lifting speed: 4.5mm / s
Rated voltage: 380V
Motor power: 2 × 2.2KW
Total weight: 1.6T

the basic structure and working principle:

The machine is mainly composed of a planetary cycloid reducer, gear box, column wire cylinders, wire mother, beams, support and operation of electrical cabinet structure. When working, operating by control cabinet, reducer drive the screw rotates ,the screw drive the nut rotate, the beam connect with nut can lift up and down.the machine can automatically stop working when rose or fall to the limit position.

security protection:
1 equipped with a clearance of 6-8 mm steel nuts under the working nut as security.when working nut sudden damage or other reasons, the safety nut will work to prevent the working nut fall down.
2, when the lift rose or fall to the limit position,the limit device switch will work, in case of wrong operation or operation failure and other reasons cause equipment damage and unsafe incidents.

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