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Introduction for the car/goods platform elevator lift

Author:Martin Chen Date:8/30/2019 9:14:54 AM

 Introduction for the car platform elevator lift


Model QTFC3-4B auto lifter is a hydraulic & transmission type auto lifter developed by our company. The lifter body is welded up with profile steel, novel and endurable. Special safety device against chain breaking is installed to ensure safe and reliable operation. This lifter features simple operation, stable running, low noise and wide range of application.

2. Usage:

This machine is suitable for lifting the Cars, light station wagons, vans and other light vehicles with the self-weight below 3000kg.It can lift the autos to the required level for maintenance.

3. Construction

This product mainly consists of posts, tray,transmission beam, chain safety

device,oil cylinder,hydraulic pump station,etc.To raise the lifter, just press “up” button. To lift down the lifter,just press the down button.

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