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How to use the underground auto car truck lift

Author:Martin Chen Date:7/5/2019 8:57:56 PM

 How to use the underground auto car truck lift?

security protection:
1 equipped with a clearance of 6-8 mm steel nuts under the working nut as security.when working nut sudden damage or other reasons, the safety nut will work to prevent the working nut fall down.
2, when the lift rose or fall to the limit position,the limit device switch will work, in case of wrong operation or operation failure and other reasons cause equipment damage and unsafe incidents.
installation and commissioning of:
the ground in the bottom of trench should be hard and flat,and installed subway in the bottom of trench ground, then installed the walking wheel mounted on the subway.  filling the oil or butter to various lubricating parts,. Check whether the fasteners loose in period of transport , if loose shall be fasten immediately. Enter the single rose button, to check whether there are abnormal sound, whether the lifting direction is correspond to by the operating  button.when enter the total move up, down button, whether the two machines lift up and down at the same time .
load lifting test:
free-load test before load test.the trench must be falling to the lowest point before drive the car in, and then drive the car in, according to the supporting positions (such as automobile frames, front and rear axles ) of the car, adjust the position of lift,and mounted the support adjustment pillar,.First lift, don’t lift too high, and should be repeated lift several times,if normal,then increase the lifting height gradually.
Electronic control instructions:
1.After the power is turned on, push the power switch to the "ON" position, power indicator light, indicate work well, and then choose single-action,total-action according to need.
2.when need lift together,enter the total lifting button,if need total lift down,enter the total down button.
3.if need lift single,then pressure the single lifting button,if need down single,then press the single down button.
maintenance and repair:
1.fill the butter to the screw once a week ( inject from the filling hole by Grease gun )
2.Fill the butter to the gear of the gear box once a week.
3.The reducer shall annually raise 00 # grease once a year ,reducer oil reserves in the operation should be maintained in the prescribed oil level range, not too much or too little.
4.The walking round should raise grease once a month.
5.When replace the nut,open the beam connect part up,unloaded the column mounting bolts, pull the column can be replaced.
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