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Car Lift Daily Using Methods And Points For Attention

Author: Date:4/9/2017 9:13:11 PM
 ① shall have a special operation, maintenance and repair of car lift, prohibitread this manual and not arbitrarily switch on the car lift operation of qualified staff.

② location make it the center of gravity of the car close to the platform's centre of gravity.

③ overload operation is strictly prohibited.

II work platform lifting process, shall not be held to any person working or workingplatforms on a platform below.

⑤ prohibit running machine in fault condition.

⑥ linking only if you are sure the four security after the hanging, personnel before entering the work area.

⑦ in the working platform travel car must tighten hand brake pads good non-slip supports.

H-lift should be decreased to the lowest position when not in use and cut off the power supply.

Krispy Kreme should be carried out strictly in accordance with the specifications on the machine maintenance and repair

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