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20/30/40t heavy duty platform beam lift

Author:Martin Chen Date:7/2/2019 10:58:26 PM

installation and operating instruction for the 20/30/40t heavy duty platform beam lift


The installation ground should be flat and hard. Before installation, dig out a trench (3560mm long, 200m wide and 280mm deep) under the bracket accessible to the car and when the bracket falls down, its upper surface should be flush with the ground for the car to go in and out smoothly. Its not need for the back bracket and adjust the back bracket only by the car length. The upright posts are installed on both sides of the bracket and hang the bracket onto the lifting screw bodies. 

Operating instruction:

1.Before operating, should check whether all the fastening parts are loose in the transportation or use and whether the lubricating points, lead screw, screw nut, directive wheel, and transport wheel are needed to be oiled. After all ready, wire the power supply, the posts' electrical motors and travel switch in the order required by the electric control cabinet,connect to the terminal block at the back of the electric control cabinet.

2.After the power is switched on, push the General Rising, General Descending, single motor rising and descending and touch the up and down travel switch for each post to see whether they operates ,and whether the indication of the elevating push button switch is identical to the elevating direction of the lifter. If not, please exchange the lines of two phases of the power cord or electrical motor.

3.The loaded lifting can be done only after no-load test is OK. When lifting with load, lower the lifter to the extreme lower position and hang the bracket up to the screw body. The car is driven in and let the supporting frame support the cars chassis frame. press the general Rising Switch to raise the car. When reaching the max. high position, the lifter will be stopped automatically after any motor touching the travel switch; when going down, push General Descending Switch, the lifter begins lowering the automobile and when reaching the extreme lower position, the lifter can automatically stop with any motor touching the travel switch.

4.The elevating switch for each motor is used for adjusting the balance of the bearing points of the posts. The adjustment of the balancing should be done with the limit travel switch and lower limit travel switch inoperative. 

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